An Occasional Newsletter

3 Auld Lads in a pub – Francis Foley


From time to time we hope to issue this Newsletter which will bring you both current news and news of events to come and musings on some aspects of photography. As you maybe aware we are not the only Club in the Country, nearly every Town and County has at least one club and most are members of the Irish Photographic Federation (IPF) or the Southern Association of Camera Clubs (SACC) or both. The Committee are going to check around and see what these other clubs are doing and how they are doing it. We already know that the IPF’s year runs from January to December so the Committee will check out the pros and cons of membership and decide before Christmas whether or not we should become members of these organisations. Some of you may have heard that some clubs require members to own interchangeable lens cameras, we are not going down that route. You may use any type of photographic equipment from your mobile phone to the latest offering from the most expensive camera maker around, all we ask is that you keep taking photos. Of course the best camera is the one you have with you, not the one sitting at home on the shelf.

Winners of Thursdays Open Competition


Rocks by yvette Shea


White House Glanteenassig by Dillon Bowyer


Language by Margaret Kennedy


Annual Club Exhibition

A reminder to sort through your files and submit your very best work for our annual exhibition, the final date for submissions is midnight on the 21st September 2017


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